This year, the FLA is pleased to present its 25th Annual Conference and Anniversary Celebration.  Program Chairs Michael Keeley and Matt Kalin have assembled a series of timely presentations, covering topics as diverse as liability and recovery in respect of email-based claims; disputes arising from the interplay between riders and other policy provisions; and public official blanket bonds and government employee crime coverage forms.  We are also fortunate to be joined by Timothy Russell, Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI’s Criminal Cyber Squad, who will present on Current Cyber Threats and Trends.  As always, the annual Fidelity Law Update will provide a comprehensive review of key coverage decisions over the past year.  The program concludes with a panel discussion on the evolution of fidelity law and practice over the past 25 years.

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The ABA FSLC Fall Meeting on November 7-8 is entitled “How to Handle the Fidelity Bond Claim.”  Program Chairs Megan Manogue and Richard Baudouin have designed a lineup of presentations on Thursday, November 7 that will update participants on recent legal developments and claims handling strategies.  The focus will be on a pragmatic discussion and implementation of specific skills with an eye toward pressing legal issues, ethical issues and strategy.  The program will address important practical issues germane to today’s fidelity claims handling, including topics such as the claim handler’s initial analysis of the claim; the use of outside professionals; valuation of the insured’s loss; issues arising from the limit of liability; and subrogation and mitigation.

On Friday, November 8, attendees will put what they have learned into practice, through a series of four breakout sessions, each focused on a different insuring agreement.  Participants will receive a hypothetical loss scenario which will serve as the starting point to engage the room in a discussion of claims handling issues.  Blaneys Partner Chris McKibbin joins Tracey Archbold, Toni Scott Reed and Katherine Musbach in presenting a hypothetical involving the Securities insuring agreement.

The Fall Meeting also sees the debut of the third edition of Handling Fidelity Bond Claims, the leading reference work in the field.  The text has been wholly updated to provide fidelity claims professionals with up-to-date practical guidance on issues arising from the submission, investigation, and resolution of claims.

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